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Real talent is hard to find, let alone win over.  Today, attracting best-in-class talent with the right skills is becoming increasingly challenging.

Trident HR is here to help.  We specialize in finding talent that are well matched and will develop into long-lasting relationships.  We get up to speed and can show results very quickly.  We do perform extensive research and filtering so you don't have to.  

We work on quality over quantity and will not overflow you with dozens of candidates for each position.  We will hand pick only the very few that are highly likely to be interviewed.  Which means you don't have to sift through irrelevant resumes or spend valuable time finding out why the candidate isn't a good match. 

We are a search-oriented company skilled at analyzing technical expertise and career goals to facilitate a successful match between company and candidate.  We have an extensive database of local bay area professionals and job openings.  We fill a variety of positions, including executive level sales, business development, marketing, support, engineering, finance, and human resources.  Our services are discreet and backed by years of successful placements - privacy and confidentiality are assured!



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